Saturday, March 23, 2013

SOTW 4, Chapter 3 - British Invasions

Wandering through Africa
Stanley and Livingstone

The Great Adventurers - Dr. David Livingstone and Stanley
from Pegasus Entertainment

SOTW 4, Chapter 2 - West Against East

Japan Re-Opens
The Man Who Unlocked Japan - Matthew Commodore C. Perry
This video is the school project of a group of high school seniors.  It is particularly well done, though, and worth including in your studies of the opening of Japan.

The Crimean War
Profile of the Crimean War

Horrible Histories:  Charge of the Light Brigade

SOTW 4, Chapter 1 - Britain's Empire

Victoria's England
Horrible Histories:  The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition
An overview of the Great Exhibition of 1851

The Sepoy Mutiny
from mocomi

Thursday, February 7, 2013

SOTW 3, Chapter 32 - The Opened West

It is truly overwhelming how much information is available about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and it is difficult to find short clips that summarize all of the material available.  There are some excellent full-length documentaries that would fit nicely with this chapter.  As of today, the Ken Burns PBS documentary and the National Geographic documentary are available on NetflixThe Biography Channel episode is available on Hulu Plus.  These and more are most certainly available at the public library if you live in the Pacific/Inland Northwest! 

Schoolhouse Rock - Elbow Room
Great video suggestion from my daughter!

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Tecumseh:  Uniting and Dividing the Native American Nation
I don't usually include student video projects, but I thought this was well done.

SOTW 3, Chapter 31 - A Different Kind of Rebellion

A visit to the Luddite display at Huddersfield's Tolson Museum

 from BBC

In case you missed them, there are more videos about the Industrial Revolution in the post for Chapter 27.

SOTW 3, Chapter 28 - China and the Rest of the World

Empire's Opium Trade
from BBC One

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SOTW 3, Chapter 29 - The Rise of Bonaparte


The Rise of Napoleon

parody of "Gone Daddy Gone" by the Violent Femmes
from historyteachers

Horrible Histories: the Napoleon Report
from BBC

SOTW 3, Chapter 25 - Revolution Gone Sour

The French Revolution
Step into the the excitement and chaos of the French Revolution as told by musician and artist Jeffrey Lewis (after an advertisement).

The French Revolution
parody of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
from historyteachers

Horrible Histories - The French Revolution Report
from BBC

Origins of the French Revolution

Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

The French Revolution:  Crash Course World History
from crashcourse
Longer, but lots of information in a very short format, which is the point of Crash Course videos.  Geared toward older students, so please preview.

Monday, January 21, 2013

SOTW 3, Chapter 30 - Freedom in the Caribbean

The Haitian Revolutions
from Crash Course World History
Note:  Please preview this video.  It's designed with older students in mind.

Slaves Won the War:  Haitian Revolution
from PBS

SOTW 3, Chapter 27 - A Changing World

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted any videos. I got behind, and then we took a break from Story of the World to read through George Washington's World by Genevieve Foster. It's unlikely that I'll go back through all the chapters I skipped, but the kids have been asking for videos, so I'll jump back in with Chapter 27.

Steam and Coal in Britain

World's Greatest Invention - the Steam Engine
This video is on YouTube, but I'm not sure exactly where it came from.  It seems to be from a news program in the UK.

Coal, Steam, and the Industrial Revolution
from Crash Course History
My note:  the Crash Course History videos are technically well done, in my opinion, but they are geared for older students from a secular world-view.  As always, please preview them to evaluate whether or not they are appropriate for your children.

Cotton and Guns in America

Profile of Eli Whitney